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Sugar Me Bare

Eboni Coffee & Sugar Scrub

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  • Dry scrub, no oils 
  • Designed to exfoliate, replenish and hydrate naturally
  • Safe for all skin types, only natural ingredients
  • An essential addition to your post hair removal skin care routine
  • Oil Free, Preservative Free, Chemical Free

Bask in the sweet aroma of coffee while sloughing off dead skin and revitalizing the new!

If you are a coffee lover you will love our Eboni Sugar Scrub made from fair trade, organic arabica coffee beans. What is so different about our sugar scrubs? Each ingredient in our scrubs is carefully picked to ensure you get the best exfoliation, while not causing any damage to your skin. You will not find any cheap fillers to add any weight or bulk, only quality ingredients that serve a purpose.

Did we mention no Oil? Our scrubs are also made with no added oils. We don't like slippery showers and also don't always like to have a residue on our skin. Each of our scrubs has at least one "naturally oily" ingredient and then uses the rest of the ingredients to make sure your skin still gets the hydration it requires.

Why Sugar Scrubs? If you do any form of hair removal, yes any form, you need to exfoliate your skin to get rid of the dead skin cells to allow your hair to come through easier as it grows out, saving you from those nasty ingrowns. Already have ingrowns? A good exfoliating scrub can get those out and get you on the road to healed, hydrated, soft skin!

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Fair Trade Coffee, Goat Milk Powder, Kaolin Clay

*Please note that while this is not a vegan product we can make you a vegan version, just send us a message and we will be happy to do that for you!